cocos.actions.camera_actions module

Camera Actions

Actions that moves the OpenGL camera.

exception CameraException

Bases: Exception

class Camera3DAction(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cocos.actions.base_actions.IntervalAction


Initialize the Camera Action

duration : int

Number of seconds that the action will last

class OrbitCamera(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cocos.actions.camera_actions.Camera3DAction

Orbits the camera around the center of the screen using spherical coordinates


returns the spherical coordinates from a cartesian coordinates

using this formula:

Return type:(radius, zenith, azimuth)
init(radius=None, delta_radius=0, angle_z=None, delta_z=0, angle_x=None, delta_x=0, *args, **kw)

Initialize the camera with spherical coordinates

radius : float

Radius of the orbit. Default: current radius

delta_radius : float

Delta movement of the radius. Default: 0

angle_z : float

The zenith angle of the spherical coordinate in degrees. Default: current

delta_z : float

Relative movement of the zenith angle. Default: 0

angle_x : float

The azimuth angle of the spherical coordinate in degrees. Default: 0

delta_x : float

Relative movement of the azimuth angle. Default: 0

For more information regarding spherical coordinates, read this: