cocos.layer.base_layers module

Layer class and subclasses.

Layers are typically thought as event handlers and / or as containers that help to organize the scene visuals or logic.

The transform_anchor is set by default to the window’s center, which most of the time provides the desired behavior on rotation and scale.

By default a layer will not listen to events, his is_event_handler must be set to True before the layer enters the stage to enable the automatic registering as event handler.

class Layer

Bases: cocos.cocosnode.CocosNode

A CocosNode that can automatically register to listen to director.window events


Called every time just before the node enters the stage.


Called every time just before the node exits the stage.

is_event_handler = False

If True, the event handlers of this layer will be registered. Defaults to False.

class MultiplexLayer(*layers)

Bases: cocos.layer.base_layers.Layer

A Composite layer that only enables one layer at a time.

This is useful, for example, when you have 3 or 4 menus, but you want to show one at the time.

After instantiation the enabled layer is layers[0]

Parameters:*layers – iterable with the layers to be managed.

Switches to another of the layers managed by this instance.

Parameters:layer_number (int) – Must be a number between 0 and the (number of layers - 1). The running layer will receive an on_exit() call, and the new layer will receive an on_enter() call.
Raises:Exception – layer_number was out of bound.