Installation, Dependencies and Compatibility


particles support

  • numpy

audio support by SDL

  • in Windows, pygame
  • in unix-like OSes libraries sdl 1.2 and sdl-mixer 1.2; in debian/ubuntu their packages are libsdl1.2 and libsdl-mixer1.2
  • in Mac, theres no confirmed info. Should be similar to unix.

What explicit dependencies are declared in the ? six and pyglet


Compatibility notes at the time of writing, April 2015

  • python : cocos needs python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.3+ The cocos codebase has direct support for 2.x and 3.x, so no need to run 2to3
  • pyglet : pyglet 1.2 or better


Have a modern setuptools or pip installed.


easy_install cocos2d


pip install cocos2d

should work, you will miss the docs and code samples. Its is therefore recommended to

  • install six and pyglet

  • download from

  • decompress to a convenient location, the top dir will be cocos2d-0.6.4

  • the html docs will be in cocos2d-0.6.4/doc/html

  • useful code samples will be in cocos2d-0.6.4/test, cocos2d-0.6.4/samples, cocos2d-0.6.4/utest

  • install by:

    cd cocos2d-0.6.4 install

    or alternatively by pointing that directory from a .pth or PYTHONPATH

  • All of cocos should be usable now, with the possible exceptions

    • cocos particles
    • SDL audio backend
    • AVBin (pyglet) audio-video backend

If you want to add these, look at the dependencies section.

Using PYTHONPATH or .pth

It is safe to point a checkout of cocos from a .pth or PYTHONPATH both
in python 2.x and 3.x; the same checkout can be pointed at the same time from both pythons.

Remember that pyglet does python 3 compatibility by running 2to3 at install time, so while a pyglet checkout can be pointed from a .pth or PYTHONPATH in python 2.x, that will not work for python 3. (this is valid for pyglet < 1.3; with pyglet 1.3+ the 2to3 will not be neccesary)